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Along with its membrane switch, graphic overlay, and PCB assembly capabilities, Our graphics can also provide touch screens built to industry standard sizes. Touch screens (also known as HMI or Operator Interfaces) are normally delivered to customers as passive components - that is, without driver circuitry - but Graphics can certainly assist the client by recommending a suitable driver if needed. Touch screens and touch switches are available in 4-Wire, 5-Wire, and 8-Wire analog resistive technology, utilizing ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) top and bottom layers. Touch screen overlays are also available.
HMI — Touch Screen Operator Interface Options
4 Wire Resistive Touch Screens

Four-wire resistive touch screens are economical touch screens that include industrial-grade personal computers, portable electronic devices, consumer components, and remote controls.
5 Wire Resistive Touch Screens
5-wire resistive touch screens are very durable touch screens that are used in casino gaming machines, point-of-sale (POS) touch screen systems, voting units, and financial equipment.
8 Wire Resistive Touch Screens
Eight-wire resistive touch screens are extremely accurate; touch screen operator interfaces featuring 8-wire construction are found in factory automation equipment, harsh-environment systems and instrumentation systems.
Graphics will assist you with the selection of the right type of touch screen to meet your application. Contact us or Request a Quote for touch screens & operator interfaces.
Our graphics is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturing Facility. Other capabilities at Our graphics include PCB assembly, CAD artwork, die cutting and laser cutting, automated doming and connector terminating, embossing and debossing, laminating, automatic and semi-automatic custom screen printing, as well as 100% electrical testing. Our graphics prides itself in meeting and exceeding the client's specifications and requirements - call or email Our graphics with your touch screen needs today!

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