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To meet requests of customers and supply higher quality products, our company is armed with the most sophisticated inspecting equipments in this industry. Such as:

standard lamp-house case
Can offer following lamp-house standard:
(1). D65 International standard artificial light;
(2). TL84 lamp-house for shops in Europe and Japan;
(3). CWF Cold fluorescence, lamp-house for shops in America;
(4). F Sunset light yellow lamp-house reference light source
(5). UV Ultraviolet lamp-house 

Color delta tester
Offer parameter of ⊿E、l、a、b ,can accurately control color difference, contrast to samples and quickly and exactly adjust the match color of printing ink.

Dial gange with data
Accurately control material and thickness of print.( definition 0.001mm)

Life tester
Can do life and capability of material and product in both dynamic and static environment. Test times enactment(0-9999999)

Membrane switch open/shot tester
Autometically measure the parameter of membrane switch breakover electric resistance, open circuit, short circuit, company line, resistance beyond standard, tiny short circuit and insulation impedance. Timely analysis eligibility ratio of the product online include,daily test times and accumulative total test times.

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